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Tang Bending Tool

Tang Bending Tool

    Product Summary

This unique design enables you to precisely bend a tang without wondering if the tool is parallel/perpendicular to the tang.  It supports the tang along both the square portion and threaded end.


SKU/Item Number: T-002
Price:  $20.00
The Bending tool in use

A simple, yet effective, tool for putting the ‘cant’ or bend in the tang of a blade.  Not only does it provide good leverage, but the unique square hole in one end of the ‘T’ section and corresponding hole in the other, provides support for the entire tang as it is being bent.  It also gives you greater control and is designed to be used in conjunction with the Tang Gauge, T-001, to ensure repeatable results in setting the downward and side ways cant to the blade.


Made from commercial pipe components, it is easily dis-assembled for easier transport.


· Simple construction

· Accurate control of the bending process

· Fits any blade