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Fencing Dummy Plans

Fencing Dummy, Righthand
Fencing Dummy, Lefthand

    Product Summary

Ah, the perfect, well, almost perfect, fencing partner!  Easy to build with basic carpentry skills, this lefty, or righty, partner will afford you a stationary, somewhat reactive, training aid to help with distance and point control drills.

Electronic Copy is now available!


SKU/Item Number: B-005
Price:  $4.50
Assembled Dummy, Righty and Lefty!

Tired of poking the same spot on the wall all the time?  Can’t always get to the sale and find someone to do drills with?  If you have the most common  woodworking tools around the house, you can build your own Silent Partner!


These plans are downloadable and list the materials, instructions and tools you’ll need to make your own dummy.  Also included are the instructions for constructing your own Practice Arm, or you can go here to buy it already assembled!


This training aid is a must have for coaches teaching beginning and intermediate fencing.  Also good for filling in for classes that have an odd number of students!  Just rotate the odd-person out to the Practice Dummy!


· Easy to follow instructions

· Complete materials list

· Assembly drawings

· Includes plans for leg and foot attachments for epeeists!